Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully before booking

A deposit of 10% (£50.00 minimum) of the total cost of the booking will be payable when the booking is taken. The deposit is payable in cash, cheque or BACS transfer.

Should the booking be cancelled up to 14 days prior to the arranged date, there will be no charge. Your deposit will be refunded by cheque.
If the booking is cancelled between 13 and 3 days prior to the arranged date, only the deposit is forfeited.
If the booking is cancelled less than 3 days prior to the arranged date, then a charge of 80% of the anticipated cost will be payable.
If the booking is cancelled less than 24 hours prior to the arranged date, then the total invoice cost will be payable.

Should you wish to reschedule your booking 14 days prior to the arranged date there is no fee. Reschedule subject to chefs availability.
Should you wish to reschedule you’re booking between 13 and 3 days prior to the arranged date there will be a fee of £30.00. This will be added onto the total bill for the booking.
If you wish to reschedule you’re booking less than 3 days prior to the arranged date, there will be a fee of £60.00. This will be added onto the total bill for the booking.
Bookings can only be rescheduled within the same financial year (April to March), after this your deposit will be lost.

The outstanding balance for the booking can either be paid, in full when booking or paid to the chef on the morning of the booking prior to any cooking taking place.
Payment is only taken in cash, BACS transfer or cheque; this is due to the limitations of our banking facilities.

We would wish to advise our customers that for private dinner parties, you limit your guests to 20 people or less. This is to maintain the chef’s high standard and quality of service.
The cooking demonstrations also have a limit of 10 guests; this is due to the consideration taken in the size of the venue chosen and the comfort of your guests. This can be re-evaluated on a per occasion basis.

Unfortunately, due to licensing laws, Chez Vous Cuisine cannot supply alcoholic beverages. Although at the time of booking the chef will be pleased to recommend any drinks to compliment your food.

All goods are subject to availability.
Special diets are to be advised in written form, confirmed and agreed prior to the function taking place.
Non accidental damage to equipment (i.e. graffiti/cigarette burns/oil) is charged at a replacement or repair rate as quoted from the supplier.
Chez Vous Cuisine will reimburse the customer for any accidental damage/breakages that occur to the customer’s premises or possession, if proved to be the fault of Chez Vous Cuisine. This will only be reimbursed upon receipt of an invoice for repair or replacement of items.
Chez Vous Cuisine reserves the right to substitute alternative menu items should it become unavoidably necessary.
Health and safety – Chez Vous Cuisine requires a safe venue to operate in. you, the client are responsible for this. This includes safe power supply. Children and pets are not allowed into the catering areas, this is for their own safety.
Food Safety – Water supply and food storage area’s need to be hygienic. Food is safe to eat up to 2 hours after being brought out of refrigeration. Please adhere to this and dispose of any food after this period of time. Chez Vous Cuisine does not take any responsibility for food consumed after the chef has left the premises.
Although the chef will try his utmost to avoid any contact of the food with any disclosed allergens, Chez Vous Cuisine does not guarantee its products. This is because the area’s where the food is produced and the equipment used could have traces of the allergens, however small.
At the time of booking, it is your sole responsibility to inform the chef of any allergens or special food requirements for all of your guests.
Any gift voucher for issued for a Chez Vous Cuisine service excludes any bookings on UK public/bank holidays.
Travel expenses will apply to any booking where the event is to take place outside of the M25 perimeter.

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