Your Personal Chef can help in all aspects of food - shopping, preparaton, cooking and storage

What is a Personal Chef?

As your Personal Chef, I will come to your home and cook a variety of delicious meals using locally sourced, seasonal produce of the highest quality. I will then store your meals and supply comprehensive re-heating instructions and leave your kitchen in pristine condition. As your Personal Chef, I can attend to any special dietary requirements, work out a dietary plan with you and cater for any event, from In-Home Cooking to ‘Special Occasion’ dinner parties or other function
Why have a Personal Chef Service?

Grocery Shopping and Fresh, Quality Ingredients
On your service day, your Personal Chef completes all of the shopping, selecting the finest and freshest ingredients, so you can enjoy great tasting meals. Easy to prepare and clean away meals Personal Chefs offer a great selection of prepared and packaged meals conveniently stored in your home refrigerator and freezer. The meals are easy to heat and prepare and even easier to clean up. No more after-dinner drudgery.

More Free Time? No more do you have to worry about “What’s for dinner?”
No more shopping, going out, picking up, or preparation of the evening meals. Think of all the extra time you will save by hiring a Personal Chef Service, time for the more important things in life.

Affordable Meals

A Personal Chef Service is cost effective and may actually save you money. How much time is expended and money spent dining out, collecting food, make trips to the supermarket, or preparing the evening meal? A Personal Chef Service is a cost efficient alternative.

Prices may vary depending on menu

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